Our Team

We began in 2001 with the idea that small and micro businesses could benefit from big business know how.

Close-shot of a tablet computer displaying financial data, threeSince then, we’ve come to believe that customer satisfaction is more than just on time delivery and cost – it’s about innovation and continuous evolution – being ready to meet needs just as our customers realize they have them. We understand innovation is more than just new technology or additional services; it’s about an idea, vision, and the creativity and collaboration of a team to bring the next ‘it’ to reality. We’ve also come to believe that meaningful, challenging work is key to achieving that sense of satisfaction we all crave.

This is our value transaction, understanding this is what we look for in our members – regardless of their role, title, or tenure. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to our future.

More than a decade later, we’re pursuing our next great idea in our 20/20 Vision. Like all great stories, the best is yet to come. Join us as we write our next chapter…and make it your own.

Our Values

We will continually demonstrate our strong customer focus.

We will make sound moral and ethical decisions that better our customer’s lives, the lives of our members, our investors, and our community.

We will maintain an unfailing belief in the inherent value of creativity and collaboration.

Our cost control measures will be marked by the belief that showing respect for people while pursuing continuous improvement opportunities is the cornerstone of a true lean enterprise.

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